Private LessonsInquire

Private lessons are one-on-one sessions that are offered in both 45minute and 60 minute sessions. Lesson packages will begin with an initial evaluation which will be assess by a CPGA Professional who identify which areas of improvements should be made to elevate your golf game. A customized plan will be discussed to help reach your golfing goals faster than ever before.

Semi-Private LessonsInquire

Semi-private lessons are two-on-one session where each student will have their own individual bay to practice and learn from. Our designated CPGA professional will be alternating between both students to allow one to learn while the other practices for an efficient session which is offered in both 45 and 60 minute sessions.

We highly recommend this for individuals who are just introduced to the game of golf and would love to learn with a friend or a family member.

Group LessonsInquire

Enjoy group lessons coached by our designated CPGA professionals.

Field LessonInquire

Improve your game on the course.


Our certified coaches will help individuals find the optimal equipment to improve your game.